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Want to grow your church??

Let an Electronic Message Center communicate your information to your congregation and the community of upcoming events. Like any organization, building relationships with the community is very important for a church. A good relationship starts with effective communication.  It gives the church the opportunity to stream information such as Service Times, Special Events, and Information about your church.  It reminds the community on a daily basis that you are active and invested in the surrounding community and that everyone is welcome at your church.

LED church signs are a modern-day ministry tool. With LED church signs, you can turn strange's who pass by into new members and increase the size of your congregation. The number of people that hear your important message increase awareness and confidence in your church.


Eye-catching LED signs let you share the Word of God, even from a distance, and invite new and existing worshipers to share in fellowship with your congregation


An LED Sign with a minimum of three lines of text will normally be required but as many as six lines can be helpful due to the large amount of information that churches need to communicate.

Why only have a sign with static changeable copy when you can have a Full Color LED display with its ability to display full color graphics and videos. The graphics capabilities of Full Color Outdoor LED Signs will do both graphics, videos,  and have the necessary text capabilities to promote your message helping to pull new members into your church.  Don’t be duped into thinking that all you need is red monochrome lettering, when you can on a full color video board for the same price.

For more information feel free to contact us personally for a hands-on demonstration at your church of what the Full Color high resolution LED display can do.  352-403-8116 or email us

Special Rates for Churches!
Don't Over Pay for LED Video Boards! Our Low Price Guarantee Gives Your Church the Best Solution at the Lowest Industry Price! Call 352-403-8116
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Another Church choosing to make GoBrightLED's their choice provider!  Our price and service can't be
It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and a GoBrightLEDs sign is doing its job. Let us install your next churc
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